About Us

International Student Alliance (ISA) has been specialising in the provision of support, security and advocacy services to international students since 1998. ISA is the largest professional independent student care and support service in Australia.

We provide a national network of professional carers to support and mentor students studying in Australia. We are constantly striving to provide high levels of excellence in under-18 student care and support.   An important facet of our care is to provide timely and quality feedback to students, parents and education providers.

Our company’s resources include multilingual professional staff with a vast and diverse range of life and work experience including teaching, counselling, finance, interpreting, translating, marketing, policing and government service, just to name a few. Our team of professionals provides a caring and supportive environment for our students.


Established in 1998, ISA was the original provider to international students of what is now known as independent professional welfare or care giver services (not legal guardianship).

Industry Experience

ISA has over 20 years’ experience in dealing with international students and education providers in Australia and has a unique insight in managing the issues, needs and difficulties in this specialised field. We have gained a wealth of experience in managing and resolving critical incidents with students. We work in collaboration with education providers supporting their internal welfare programs. ISA are specialists in the field of under 18 care and support and as a result of our expertise in this demanding field, over 250 education providers nationally use our services.

Our Focus

ISA is committed to providing security, assistance, advice and a safe haven for our international students and to ensuring that they have a positive experience during their study time in Australia.


ISA has a unique free software package available to education providers to assist them in complying with their obligations under the ESOS Act and the National Code of Practice. Free student management software – ISA train the users and maintain the software giving them the ability to log in and view a student file from anywhere in the world. ISA has developed and launched its Safe Student App which seamlessly connects the user to emergency services globally and simultaneously notifies up to three nominated emergency contacts.

Our Services