New Migrant Families

Education Support Services for New Migrant Families

Many new migrant families have limited English and find the Australian school system confusing.   ISA assists new migrant families and their children to understand the Australian education system and supports the student's transition into their new school.

Services Description

  • Introduction to the Australian education system,
  • Assist with important information and preparation for school commencement such as subject selection, school uniform purchase, immunisation catch-up and text book ordering.
  • Help students and parents to understand school emails, school results and teachers’ comments on schools’ parent portal
  • Represent the student and parents to communicate with the school.
  • Translate school reports (available languages Chinese and Vietnamese).
  • Consulting services about student’s personal development such as interests/hobbies, classes, tutoring etc...
  • Assistance opening bank accounts, applying for tax file numbers, employment rules and advice
  • Assistance making appointments or other bookings for the student.
  • Introduction on how to use the local public transportation system.
  • Assistance and advice on purchasing a local SIM card and mobile plan.
  • Information on Australian emergency services.
  • Install Safe Student app (a free safety app) for students under our care
  • Assistance and information on making medical appointments, psychologist and support services
  • Help with referrals to legal support services if needed.

Optional Services (Extra Fee Applies)

  • Make bookings and attend Parent Teacher Interviews – normally two per year
  • Attending school information sessions