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Role of a Student Advocate (Not Legal Guardianship)

In Australia there are a number of titles used to describe the role of a student advocate, some of those titles include, local caregiver, local support person, welfare provider or parents’ advocate. As your child is in Australia without you (parent/legal guardian), it is important you have a local person in Australia who can represent your wishes. Our professional multilingual team will ensure your child is properly cared for in your absence and you receive regular updates in your native language.

Our professional services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Contact parents and student prior to their arrival, advice and tips for travelling to Australia, confirm visiting arrangements.
  • Introduction of ISA personal advocate allocated to the student.
  • Visit the student at their accommodation after arrival in Australia and check the accommodation is clean and safe.
  • Explain visa regulations, important safety and security information direct to the student.
  • Assist the student to open a bank account and purchase a local telephone SIM card (if required).
  • Help the student purchase a local transport card and explain how to use local public transport (train, bus, tram, taxi etc).
  • Explain to the student how their overseas health insurance (OSHC) works, and advise on how to obtain or register their health insurance card.
  • Talk with the home stay host (if the student is staying in home stay) and help explain home stay rules direct to student.
  • Send a written report to you, the parents, within 30 days of the student arriving – advising you of initial work completed, and confirming all contact numbers for your ISA advocate, the student and parents.
  • Conduct regular phone calls/online live chats to the student.
  • Have regular personal meetings with the student, visit the school a minimum of every 14 days and talk with academic staff to ensure student is studying correctly and completing all assignments
  • Provide regular feedback to parents
  • Attend parent teacher interviews and report results to parents
  • Translate academic reports and send a copy to the parents
  • Check students’ holiday plans, assist booking air tickets if needed and report to education providers about holiday arrangements
  • Assist students arrange medical appointments
  • Assist students apply for a change of approved accommodation if needed – please note final approval for any change of accommodation is given by the education provider
  • Provide 24 hour – 7 days a week emergency assistance
  • Arrange free access to Safe Student App

ISA Commitment to Child Safe Standards

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